ADG5208: THD specifications missing at the ADG520x family

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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For Hi-Fi Audio, THD is an important figure and I am looking for a device
ideally with a maximum THD of 0.002% THD+N across the 20Hz - 20kHz frequency
range.  Can you please advise whether this information is available for any of
these devices? 


The ADG54xx parts are designed for low Ron and low Ron Flatness, which gives
good THD+N for the parts. The ADG52xx parts are designed for low Charge
injection and low capacitance. This increases the Ron and Ron Flatness and
affects the THD+N of the part. As the ADG52xx parts are not typically used in
applications where THD+N is a critical spec, they have not been specified for
You can see the difference between similar parts by comparing the ADG14xx with
the ADG12xx.