ADG2128 Output stage ( Hi, Lo, Hi Z) of the I/O when the switch is off

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I wonder if you could help me to know what is the state ( Hi, Lo, Hi Z) of the
I/O when the switch is off.


The off Isiloation is -69db.

This means if you have a 1V Signal at the Input you will see 385uV Signal at
the output.

I assume your question is about the switch pins X0-X11/Y0-Y7. If that’s the
case, then these pins can be considered Hi Z in the off condition.
The only conduction path that actually exists to GND, VDD or VSS from each pin
is the leakage current which is small enough to ensure a Hi Z state.
Also the impedance between any X and Y pins in the off state is in order of
Giga Ohms in
parallel with a capacitor that sets the off isolation.
These being said, I think we can confidently say that the X/Y
pins are in the Hi Z state when the switches are off.