Radiation hardened/Space qualified parts

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Can you please let me know if there are Rad Hard versions of these parts?



Analog Devices offers radiation tolerant space qualified devices. Space
qualified devices are processed in accordance with the screening and quality
conformance inspection requirements of MIL-PRF-38535 for QML Class V devices. 
The radiation tolerance of the device is a separate issue that needs to be
evaluated by the program for suitability for a specific space level
application. Different space level applications have different radiation
tolerance requirements.

The following link contains a list of all space qualified parts from Analog

The space qualified OP27S devices models are provided with Total Ionizing Dose
(TID) radiation inspection per MIL-STD-883 Test Method 1019 up to 100Krad. For
the part numbers kindly refer to the Space Qualified Parts list. For your
reference I copied the part numbers below:

OP27 - Low Noise Precision Op Amp
5962R9468002VGA (OP27AJ/QMLR)
5962R9468002VHA (OP27AL/QMLR)
5962R9468002V2A (OP27ARC/QMLR)
5962R9468002VPA (OP27AZ/QMLR)
5962L9468003VHA (OP27AL/QMLL).

Part 5962R9468002VGA (OP27AJ/QMLR) features the 8-lead TO-99 Can and
corresponds to the package type of OP27GJZ.

The space qualified ADG201-803Q devices are provided with no radiation
tolerance specification.  Customers who use this device perform their own
radiation inspection.  The typical TID radiation tolerance of the ADG201-803Q
devices is approximately 10 to 15Krad.
ADG201HS - LCMOS Hi-Speed QUAD SPST Switches

The ADG201-803Q comes in a 16-lead Cerdip package (Package "Q").

Kindly also refer to the Space segment on our page
(http://mil-aero.analog.com/en/space/segment/ma.html) to find more information
regarding standards, packages, reports, etc.