ADG1612: Minimum supply voltage

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We want to use these part in a deign with a single 3V3 rail.  I cannot find any
tolerance on the minimum voltage given in the datasheet which is 3V3.  Bearing
in mind tolerance on the supply this would mean our supply could be slightly
below 3V3 (I dont have the exact figure yet) and we couldn't use the device.  I
presume these ARE intended for use in the 3V3 market and do have a tolerance on
this minimum.  If this is true can you advise the actual minimum operating
voltage.  If 3V3 is the minimum then do you have a similar device which
operates with a supply of say 3V?


The ADG1612BRUZ ( has a minimum single supply
voltage of +3.3V, (refer to table 4 on page 6 of the datasheet). ADI guarantees
the specified performance only for the minimum and maximum values. Switches
with lower supply voltage range with similar characteristics would be the
ADG811,ADG812 and ADG813 (