ADF4360-0: output power

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I want to use ADF4360-0 oscillation output to drive ADL5382 LO.But in the
datasheet, figure 7(-3.5dBm) is larger than the spec in tabel 1(−13/−6.5dBm)?
ADL5382 LO input power is required as -6~6dBm, could ADF4360-0 oscillation
output could be connected to ADL5382 LO input? should I use a buffer?


I think this is reasonable, because the real output power are depend on the
output matching circuit. if using 51 ohm resistor to do wide band matching, as
show in below circuit, this will result in -6.5dBm maximum power(see figure20).
if use narrow band matching circuit as show in below figure, this will result
in -3.5dBm maximum power(see figure21). If you want higher output power, they
could also use a balun, or design a balun as show in below circuit, to combine
two output, this will result in max power of about -1dBm(see figure22). Please
check datasheet page 21 for detailed description.
ADF4360-0 differential output could directly connect to ADL5382 LO port, a
buffer amplifier is not necessary.