ADF4350: Rset voltage at power up

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Can we use the voltage of Rset pin to judge whether the ADF4350 works?
I have used many type of our PLL products before. For those parts, Rset will be
low voltage (about 0V) if the part doesn't work (power up but we don't config
the part), and it will rise to nominal bias voltage(maybe 0.5V or so) when it
works(after we config it). However, I find ADF4350's Rset voltage is 0.5V after
power up even if we don't config it. It is different from other PLLs. Is it


The ADF4350 part will power up as soon as voltage is applied, this will lead to
the Rset voltage powering up to it's bias level also. It differs in this manner
from other PLL parts. You may use lock detect as a means of checking if the
part works or not.