ADF4350: VCO and band selection delay and retaining register contents when CE is low

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Q1: Does the VCO and band selection delay in the ADF4350 have to be allowed for
when the VCO power down bit is toggled from off to on? Q2: Same as Q1 but for
software power down bit and hardware CE line. Q3: Does the ADF4350 retain
register contents when CE is low?


Q1 & Q2: Simply powering down the part (either hardware or software) means that
the band information is retained. So if the part is being powered up at the
SAME frequency then there is no delay.
Q3: When in software power-down mode, the part retains all information in its
registers. Only if the supply voltages are removed are the register contents