ADF4118: Is the rule relating to N=BP+A where B must be greater than A a must or a recommendation when configuring this device?

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in the Datasheet page 16 in the right box at the end of the sheet there is the
rule "B must be greater than A". This rule is mentioned only here. Is this rule
a must or a recommendation?


When configuring the ADF411x devices, you must not violate the rules when
choosing values for B,P and A.

There are 2 rules in choosing values for B,P, and A for the equation BP+A.

1)The value of B must be greater than A.

2) The maximun allowable prescaler frequency(RF/P) for 3Volt operation =
165Mhz, and = 200Mhz for 5Volt operation. (Refer to datasheet page 3 under RF

The ADIsimPLL design tool available at the following page: