What is the difference between ADF4153A and ADF4153?

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What is the difference between ADF4153A and ADF4153?


1.The ADF4153A is a new part. It is conveniently pin compatible with the older
ADF4153 so that if customers want to drop in this new part, they can without a
board change. It’s up to the customer if they want to re-qual or not.

2.The charge-pump was redesigned to give better 1/f noise.  The charge-pump and
PFD were the only part of the ADF4153A that was redesigned. Everything else
including the layout was left the same as the ADF4153 design

3.ADF4153A is pin for pin and software compatible to the previous ADF4153.

4.There is a change in the Rset value to have charge pump current setting of
Icp = 5mA.

5.In ADF4153A, Rset = 4.7k to have Icp = 5mA. In ADF4153, Rset=5.1k to have

6.Rset range is 3k-10k in ADF4153A, while it is 1.5k-10k in ADF4153.