EVAL-ADE7878AEBZ design reuse

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1:  I'd like to know something about the design-copyright of evaluation PCB's
like the EVAL-ADE7878AEBZ.

2:  How is this handeled if I want to adopt -lets say 70%- of the design of the
EVAL PCB for my Product? Copyright-wise?

3:  The Document "UG-545: Evaluating the ADE7854A/ADE7858A/ADE7868A/ADE7878A
Energy Metering ICs"
.pdf )  contains PCB-Layouts of the Evaluation Board as well as the bill of
materials of all components and some shematics.
I'd like to know if it's possible to send me the complete schematic circuit
diagram of the EVAL-ADE7878AEBZ. Maybe as PDF or Altium Designer, CadSoft EAGLE
or similar file?

This would speed up my development tremendously.


We have no problem in giving you all the details of this board. The problem you
might have is that the evalboard has a lot of jumpers, the layout is not very

Please find the files attached. I also attached the brd file and a pdf of the
layout we recommend in the data sheet (rev B, page 69, figures 92 and 93). It
would be recommended to use this layout instead of the one from the eval board.