How can we have LED to light-up when CF1 disabled (i.e. with no load)?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Under our configuration, CF1 output are ‘1’ when CFx pulse mode is disabled.
Could it be changed?
When pulses are working, for our calibration frequency (1000 imp/kwh), CF  is
‘1’ and pulse produces ‘0’ in our signal. Our problem is that, when we have a
no-load condition, we would like to stop register accumulation and keep the led
ON, so we would need 0 state in CF outputs, but they stay at ‘1’.


Firstly, the CF1 output conditions, when enabled/disabled, cannot be changed.

In order to turn-on the LED when CF is disabled (i.e no load) is as follows:

-connect CF1 to the microcontroller's (MCU) IO pin

-make the MCU replicate CF1 at another IO pin.

-when ADE7953 enters noload (i.e. disabled), an interrupt is generated and the
MCU can then manipulate the IO as it wishes.