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According to the datasheet of ADE7757 pin 12 (REVP) should report reverse
polarity. I have a TTL signal of about 450 kHz on this pin - it looks like the
output of the internal clock generator even without load. Question 1: What am I
doing wrong? Question 2: What is connected to the pin 12 in the AD71056 chip?
Does it make any sense to use AD71056 to measure the power in both directions?


Q1 :This is not normal and should be = Logic 0 or Logic 1 This is normally an
indication of a ground problem. Please check the ground on all pines of your
Also check the CF pin is not changing state.
Have you another device you could try. Verify power and grounds before you do
so  and disconnect all inputs.

Q2: The AD71056AR part number replaces the ADE7757AAR models. Please review the
AD71056AR datasheet prior to ordering. Pin 12 = REVP.