ADATE304 Force Voltage

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I would like to force voltage (FV mode) up to 6.75V, and measure the DUT
current consumption (MI mode) when doing so. Is this possible?

What is the highest current, I, the ADATE304 can supply to the DUT during the

In the above configuration:
- What is the best resolution for current measurments, and what is the range?
- What is the best possible resolution for the voltage output steps?


Yes it is possible to force voltage up to 6.75V and measure the DUT current.
In FVMI mode, the PMU in range A can source/sink 32 ma over a -1.25 to 6.75V
range. The MI function also covers the same range, +/- 32ma over -1.25 to

The current measure accuracy for Range A (32ma) is +/- 500ua.  

The accuracy improves to +/- 3ua or less for all other ranges.  (see ADATE304
specification:  Measure Current Uncalibrated Accuracy. Pg.12)  

Force Voltage un-calibrated accuracy for all ranges is typically +/- 25mV. 

INL error for Range C is typically +/- 2mV.