ADA4950-1: temp drift

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Please let me know the temperature-drift SPEC for the gain of ADA4950-1.

They find that the related curves are shown in Figure 9 and Figure 10 in the
datasheet. Now they want to get the specific values of the temperature drift.


Don’t have specific values but have gain vs. temp plots for G=1 only. These
plots come from characterization data.
You see the gain vs. frequency at 3 temperatures in the attached PowerPoint
file. The top plots are small signal and the bottom plots are large signal. The
plots on the right are magnified around G=0 dB (G=1).

You will notice that for small signals the gain variation with temperature is
almost nothing.

You will notice that for large signals the maximum variation is about 0.03 dB.
This is equivalent to 0.35%.

Best guess is that the gain vs. temp @ G=3 would be about 3 times as much or 1%
for large signals.