AD9901: O/P configuration

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Is it required that  the inververted output of the AD9901  is connected to the
non inverted output by a resistor as pictured in Figure 12 of the data sheet
and one of them put to ground , or is it possible just to use one of the
outputs, biased as in Figure 1?


The AD9901 o/p’s are open collector o/p’s whose o/p compliance range changes,
depending on whether you use the device in ECL mode or TTL mode..if you use the
device in ECL mode, then the o/p compliance range includes gnd, and in this
mode you can tie one of the o/p’s to gnd, and just use a single o/p as shown in
fig12, or alternatively you can use both o/p’s as shown in fig1.

When using the device in TTL mode, the o/p compliance range dies not include
zero. So in this case you cannot tie one of the o/p’s to gnd.