AD9777 / AD9779: The two channel DACs, can they be used separately?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I have two independent real data (for example from two different  DUC) to I
input port and Q input port respectively of AD9779. The modulation is disabled,
I only use two internal DACs to output two independent analog signals. Can the
two DACs be used separately likr this?
Also I want to know if this set up will function for AD9777 as well.


Yes, as long as the modulators in the AD9779 are disabled, the AD9779 can be
used as two separate DACs, with independent digital data in and independent
analog data out. The modulators in the AD9779 operate in complex mode only, so
when the modulators are enabled, the data paths are no longer independent.
The AD9777 is slightly different. When you use the modulators in the AD9777,
they can be programmed for complex mode, which is similar to the AD9779
modulator mode. The modulators in the AD9777 can also be programmed for real
mode, in which case the modulation is done independently for each of the two