AD9786: Thermal pad connection

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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1.) Pg 9 - Pin 2 is DNC
Pg 47 - Pin 2 is labeled as LPF in the application circuit.

2.) Pg 55 - Must the thermal pad be connected to AGND or DGND?


1) DNC = Do Not Connect

My guess is that figure 88, page 47 is a throwback to the fact that we had an
on chip PLL clock multiplier
(requiring a loop filter) on the original AD9786.
(Those who want that feature need to look instead at the AD9779).

Therefore please leave pin 2 unconnected.

2) The exposed thermal pad should be connected to DGND, for best DAC
performance (noise, distortion).