Thermal Information

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For carrying out the analysis the following part specifications are necessary:
1)Power Dissipation (W)
2)Junction Temperature (TJ)
3)Case Temperature (Tc)
4)Junction to ambient thermal resistance (θJA)
5)Junction to case thermal resistance (θJC)
6)Case to Ambient thermal resistance (θCA)


AD9467BCPZ-250 for your reference:
It seems like the customer wants to know the Junction Temperature of the
AD9467. This is an easy calculation based on the following equation:
ThetaJA = (Tj – Ta)/P
ThetaJA = Junction to air Thermal resistance = 15.7degC/W
Tj = Junction Temperature (This is the unknown; not to exceed 150degC as per
Ta = Ambient Temperature
P = Power (1.33W nominal; 1.45W max)
Using these parameters, and either Tj or Ta, the customer can either find out
how hot his system can run to make sure the max Tj is not exceeded, or what the
junction temperature is at a particular ambient.