ML605 Xilinx FPGA board interfacing with both AD9434 and AD9789 eval boards

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1. Is it possible to connect the AD9434-500EBZ to the ML605 Xilinx FPGA board,
which has two FMC slots?
Maybe using the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP board?

2. I already use the AD-DAC-FMC-ADP to connect your AD9789 board to the ML605.
Is it also possible to connect both boards at the same time: AD9434-500EBZ and
AD9789-EBZ? Do I need to adapters?


We created an “AD9434 revC EVB” to “HAD CVT-ADC-FMC-INTPZ_01B Interposer” pin
mapping table (attached). Good news is it looks like all of the AD9434 pins map
across the interposer to the XILINX FMC connector.

Bad news is the physical size of the AD9434/Interposer appears to block the 2nd
FMC connector on the ML-605 so it doesn’t immediately appear that both the DAC
interposer and ADC interposer could be used simultaneously without an
additional riser, or otherwise angled interposer approach to mitigate the
physical obstruction.

Our Mil/Aero group is in layout currently of an AD9434FMC module which is
basically the customer eval board of the AD9434 but in smaller form. I didn't
receive any further info about this board, only "20_a03471a_top.pdf".
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