FAQ: Can I write C or assembly code for SigmaDSP in SigmaStudio?

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There is not a C compiler for SigmaDSP, and we do not support custom assembly coding in SigmaStudio. The built-in library includes many different signal processing blocks. Low-level blocks, such as multipliers and delays, can be wired together in SigmaStudio to create a custom algorithm if the included libraries do not have the functions you want. If there are processing blocks that you'd like to see included in future versions of the tool, feel free to let us know what you're looking for in the EngineerZone forum.


If you are looking to implement a specific algorithm, please provide the details so we can determine if it could be implemented using existing blocks in the current library. If it is not supported by the current library, we can identify what additional functionality is required, and our software team could potentially implement that function in a future SigmaStudio update.


This FAQ was generated from the following discussion: Upsample / downsample in SigmaStudio (or custom blocks)

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