AD9269 output

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For our next product we look at parts selection. I have a question concerning
There is no LVDS Data communication available, only CMOS. We are very worried
about crosstalk of the digital CMOS lines into our sensitive analog circuitry.
Can you comment why there is no LVDS DDR available. Do you have any guidelines
for connecting the CMOS bus to an FPGA or similar.


Yes, unfortunately we do not have a 16 bit dual with LVDS outputs. The question
of why we do not have this is more complicated than I can explain. We do have:
• AD9645: 14bit dual with serial LVDS
• AD9648: 14bit dual with parallel CMOS or parallel LVDS
• AD9653: 16bit quad with serial LVDS
• 9268 16bit CMOS or LVDS outputs
• 9650 16bit CMOS or LVDS outputs

The output levels on the AD9269 can be from 1.8V to 3.3V, and slew rate is
adjustable by programmable drive strength register settings. These can help to
mitigate switching noise. We also typically add a series resistor (50Ohms –
200Ohms) on the output lines to further dampen switching noise.