Interleaving using SYNC pin

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I want to ping/pong between 2 ADCs or possible operate with 90 deg offset, in
order to double the effective sample rate. The AD9265 does have a SYNC pin, but
does not contain any example on how to purposefully use it (apart from timing

Do you have an app.note or other information that would allow me to synchronize
two AD9265s?


There is no additional information available on the use of the SYNC pin to
align clocks of two AD9265 devices that are either 180 or 90 degrees

The datasheet suggests that SYNC function is best used to align sampling clocks
of multiple devices. A suggestion would be to use a clocking IC in the AD95XX
family that would be able to generate the out-of-phase clocks while giving
ability to adjust with fine resolution to ensure more accurate 90 or 180 degree
offsets of sampling edges.

[Since interleaving causes artifacts which must be corrected digitally,
choosing an ADC with larger sampling rate (e.g. based on interleaved ADC
structure) is an option.]
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