AD9244: Using the VREF

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We want to increase VREF to 3,3V. In this case, the gain of the AD8138 will bet
set to 1 wich may increase the SNR.
So do the AD9244 accepts a VREF to 3,3V (and a input range of 3,3V) ?


The AD9244 reference maximum is 2V.  A voltage above this will not damage the
part, but we cannot guarantee the ac performance, which will probably degrade.
The maximum input swing is 2Vp-p.  It can be centered at 0.5 to 4V as specified
in the datasheet dc specifications, but if you go above 2Vp-p the converter can
give invalid data.  Also, with a 3.3V reference, and a 3.3V input the input
will clip resulting in invalid data.