AD9066: Random intervals

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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1. Is this ADC capable of working with a randomly timed "encode" signal, with
average rate of 50-100KHz? 
2. Encode signal is a pulse of width 9n, and maximal voltage level of 3v. 
3. Are there any similar products capable of above requirements?


The ADC will function with a random encode signal but the performance
specifications only apply to an clock running at a constant 60MHz.

The minimum high time or low time of the ENCODE signal is 7ns so 9ns is okay.

Any SAR converter today has a sample and hold circuit on the input which can be
driven by a an asynchronous encode signal. The actual conversion can be faster
than 100ksps and you can get higher resolutions. The only problem may be the
analog input bandwidth (normally in the 10s of MHz for a SAR converter) which
will cause additional phase shift on a 30MHz signal.