AD9115: Limit for the current the part can deliver

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We have seen that the datasheet has been recently updated. Therefore, I want to
ask you about one parameter that has changed. In Table 1, for AVDD=1.8V, the
full scale output current max is now 8 mA, when in the previous version of the
datasheet it was 16 mA. Can we reach this intensity, or we have to make some
changes to fit it to 8 mA? In (1) it says that this value is based on a 10
kohms external resistor, but we are using internal Rset.


There is a limit when AVDD is 1.8V for the current the part can deliver and it
is 8mA. If a resistor smaller than 4k is put on the xRSET pin, non-linearities
will occur.
This limitation does not exist if AVDD = 3.3V. the max current is then 20mA.