AD9066: storage temperature

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Are you able to provide a storage temperature range for the AD9066AR.Our
application requires a  storage temperature range of at least
-62C to  110C.


If we do not explicitly state the storage temperature on the datasheet, you
should assume that the operating temperature range is also the storage
temperature range.

However, the unpowered storage temperature is bounded by the glass transition
temperature of silicon at high temperatures and the cost of testing at low
temperatures, as well as the reliability of the package when exposed to extreme
temperature swings. The AD9066AR could be stored unpowered at temperatures up
to 150degC without damage but the lowest temperature we specify for any of our
components is -55degC for military grades; generally ceramic packages). We do
not test our plastic  packages (such as the AR) below -40degC.

Based on what we know about the package, I would expect the AD9066 AR to
withstand storage temperature from -40degC to 150degC but we would only be
prepared to guarantee operation over the specified operating range of -40 to