AD8682 input range for Vs=+/-13V

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Please write your questions or comments here: The datasheet of the AD8682
stipulate that with a power supply of +/-15V, yhe maximum negative input
voltage is -11V. What would the limit be with a power supply of +/-13V? What
happen if the input voltage goes over this limit?

Thank you for your reply, but my question is on the -11V limit.
In table1 it is said that when supplied with (Vs) +/-15V the input voltage
range is -11V to +15V.

When supplied with (Vs) +/-13V, will the input voltage range be -11V to +13V ?
Or will it be -9V to +13V ?

As my input is a 10V peak sinusoid (with possible overdrive) i need to know if
the input of the AD8682 will support it, and if the output will be normal or
truncated when the input will be in between -9V to -10V.


The supply (Vs) can be in the range (up to) +/-15V. With your supply (Vs) 
+/-13V. is within range.
Input voltage range, see page 3 specified min to max (-11 to +15). Absolute Max
is stated in table 2.
For supply voltages less than ±18 V, the absolute maximum input voltage is
equal to the supply voltage.

Input voltage higher than supply result non-conformance and can damage to the
device. Most cases are permanent due to silicon damage layers and cmos gates.

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