AD8567: Connect the device paddle

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We're using your AD8567 (2 pcs) as buffers for our internal 8-channel DAC
(AD5318). The used chip housing (LFCSP16) has got an exposed pad on the bottom.
Do I have to connect this pad to ground (to improve the electrical
characteristics) or can I leave it open? I could'f find an answer in the
datasheet. At this time, we leave this pad open (unconnected) and we solder it
to the PCB.


There is an exposed "paddle" on the under side of the LFCSP package. This
paddle is actually electrically and thermally connected directly to the
substrate of the die. Generally we recommend that the exposed paddle is
soldered to a ground plane in order to provide a thermal path and reduce
thermal resistance.
However, some users cannot or do not wish to make this connection for
manufacturing reasons or perhaps during prototype. Hence we provide thermal
resistance data to provide for both options.