AD8561: VOH VLO related questions

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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Concerning the AD8561:
We intend to use it with hysteresis as recommended in the data sheet. We also
intend to connect
a 5KW pull-up resistor to +3.3V for 3V operation.
For that configuration :

1.      What will be VOH ? (in the data sheet only VOH min is given, what is
the typical value ?)
2.      If we use 5KW pull-up resistor to +3.3V (for 3V operation), is this
pull-up resistor affects the
VHI and VLO of the hysteresis


1) It is always a good practice to design around Min/MAx rather than the
typical value. We guarantee and test the parts for Min/Max and not the typical.

2) The specs don't change adversely by adding the pull-up resistor (Page 7). As
you use a higher power supply (3.3V) than the characterized in the datasheet
(3V), the Voh will increase a little. But again, if you design with the max/min
specs of the 3V characterization, your design will work correctly.