AD8541: Input current limit

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I don't find any statement about the input protection of the AD8541/2/4 opamp,
but in the datasheet of the AD8603 it is mentioned that the
inputs should be protected by resistors that keep input currents below 5 mA if
the input voltage exceeds power supply, ref to paragraph "Input protection". Is
the same true for the AD8541 family as well?


Yes, the same applies to AD8541/2/4. The input current should be kept below
5mA. This value is a conservative rule of thumb based on metal trace widths in
a typical op amp input stage. Higher levels of current can cause metal
migration, which will eventually lead to an open trace. Even though an
amplifier may appear to withstand over-voltage currents well above 5mA for a
short period of time, it is important to limit the current to guarantee long
term reliability.