AD8597: spice model

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Typical Performance Characteristics in Data sheet (page 6 to 14) for both
AD8597 & AD8599 are different. So I think we cannot use AD8599 model for
AD8597? Kindly confirm this and give me model for AD8597


Our standard procedure is to put singles, duals, and quads on the same
datasheet.  We did the AD8599 dual first, and when we characterized the AD8697,
if the curves were very close, we did not add another graph to the datasheet. 
So on pages 6 to 14, some parameters were done on the AD8599 and some were done
on the AD8597.  You can use the graph for either part.

For very low noise designs, pc board layout is very important.  It is better to
use two singles rather than one dual.  We have written a magazine article
comparing singles, duals, and quads: