Is the AD8422 intended for single-supply applications

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You mentioned rail-to-rail output. Is the AD8422 intended for single-supply



The AD8422 works on a wide range of supplies from +4.6V single supply to ±18V
dual-supply, providing excellent power-savings and high-precision performance
regardless of the supply voltage. The AD8422 is designed for high performance
at high or low supplies, but is very useful in systems that need a
single-supply. The rail-to-rail output of the AD8422 greatly improves the achievable
dynamic range in low supply voltage applications, and the preamplifiers are also

rail-to-rail, which improves the common-mode range.


AD8422 has much better noise and bandwidth characteristics than existing
single-supply instrumentation amplifiers such as the AD623 and the AD8226. It
is, however, important to note that because of the structure of the input
stage, the AD8422 input range does not include ground, so it is not appropriate
for single-supply applications that measure at ground.