AD8367: Gain flatness, propagation delay flatness and input/output matching

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I'm designing a 50ohm receiver chain with a lot of gain the center frequency is
Fo=70MHz and the bandwith is 50Mhz around Fo Because I need a very low noise
figure (<8dB), at a gain of 120dB.
(I can't use the ADL5330 has a lower amplification, and worst noise figure)

So, I have three questions:
1) What is the gain flatness around 50MHz bandwith, over gains ?
2) How can match my 50ohm system the input and output of the AD8367, around
50MHz bandwith ?
(If possible with a reactive match network)
3) What is the propagation delay flatness ?


1. Figure 3 shows the gain flatness over frequency for different gains. If you
require a more precise indication then it's probably best to buy an evaluation
board and carry out the tests yourselves.

2. The input impedance is dominated by the resistive component so you can
simply implement a resistive match or a reactive match as described in page 14
of the datasheet.

3 We don't have any data on propagation delay or flatnees. Again I suggest an
evaluation board would be the idea way to obtain this information in the
configuration that is appropriate for your system.