Output level in disbaled mode

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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When the device AD8350 is put into its disabled mode, what is the output level
relative to its normal mode at 1.4MHz?



The gain of the AD8350-15 when disabled is about -16 dB from DC to 300 MHz. In
enabled mode the gain is about +15 dB. The gain of both modes, disabled and
enabled, is measured for differential output. The result is about the same with
single-ended input. 
Please remember, that it is not recommended to use only one output from the
AD8350, since distortion, noise cancellation and isolation all depend on
differential operation of the outputs. 
The AD8350-20 has about 4 dB better isolation when disabled and 5 dB more gain
when enabled.