AD8318: control mode

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I want to control the PA by using this part in control mode. I tested the EVB
and got some results both measurement mode and control mode. The measurement
mode results are OK. But I can not know whether the control mode results are
correct. Could you please help to check it? Could you please send me some test
results in control mode or the principles?


In order to test the AD8318 in controller mode you need to have an additional
device, such as a VGA or a PA, to control. Simply removing the 0 ohm resistor
from VOUT to VSET is not enough. Controller mode places the AD8318 in a closed
loop system with the PA or VGA. Without the PA or VGA the AD8318 is operating
open loop. I suggest reading the Controller Mode section of the AD8318
datasheet starting on pg.18. You can also see an example of using the AD8318 in
Controller Mode in the ADL5330 datasheet, pg.16. The data you provided suggests
that the AD8318 will operate correctly in controller mode. If the AD8318
operates correctly in Measurement Mode it should operate correctly in
Controller Mode.