The permittivity and the thickness of the AD8302's EVB.

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I wonder some details of Evaluation Board of AD8302. I want to know the
permittivity and the thickness of the AD8302’s EVB. Could you please help with
the issue?


The EVB is a 4 layer board. The target thickness for the first dielectric layer
is 8.33 mils. The next dielectric is 39 mils, the 3rd dielectric is 8.33 mils.
Layer 1 & 4 are ½ oz copper and layer 2 & 3 are 1 oz copper. The finished board
thickness is 62 mils.  The 50 ohm line width are 16 mils. The dielectric
constant is 4.2. The first and third dielectric material are IS410. (higher
temp version of FR4) The second dielectric material is FR4.