AD8237 - Recommendation for driving an ADC

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Would you recommend driving an ADC with AD8237?


AD8237 is a good fit for many low-frequency, high dc precision applications.
Many such applications use oversampling techniques to achieve high dc
precision, as in a dc sigma-delta converter like the AD7190. Because it is a
very low power device, the limited bandwidth and output current of AD8237 may
not be enough to drive an oversampled ADC. An ADC with a buffered input would
be the preferred option. The other concern is that certain ADC clock or
sampling rates could intermodulate with the AD8237 chopping frequency and cause
spurs in the measurement. The best solution in this case would be to filter
after AD8237 to remove the chopping artifacts. This also suggests lower
bandwidth. For applications with low sampling frequencies, the AD8237 is
sufficient to drive the ADC.