AD8232 to build a multi-lead diagnosis-quality ECG equipment

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Can I use the AD8232 to build a multi-lead diagnosis-quality ECG equipment?


Diagnosis quality ECG equipment is the type you may have seen as bedside units
in hospitals, in Intensive Care Units, in cardiologists´ offices, etc. It is
intended to detect all kind of electrical malfunctioning of the heart and
therefore requires the lowest noise, widest bandwidth and best overall quality.
Everybody aims at a high quality design but actually only a few solutions
require the high quality a diagnosis analog front end provides (which comes
with a power and area penalty).

The AD8232 has been designed for Heart Rate detection and ECG monitoring
applications such as over-the-counter home ECG equipment, sports equipment, and
emerging applications including games and entertainment, automotive, laptops,
mobile phones, watches and many others you can think of.

For diagnosis quality multi-lead ECG solution, please check the Analog Devices
ADAS1000 family.