AD8159: Layout

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What is the recommended power bypassing? There are 5 different types of power
pins: Vcc, Vtto, vtti, vttio, vttoi.
1) If I am using AC coupling, can I connect them all to the same 3.3v plane, or
should I have different plane for each?
2) What capacitors values are recommended for each power type?


1) If you are using AC coupled links you can connect Vcc, Vtto, Vtti, Vttio,
Vttoi to 3.3V, and you should connect the Vee to GND.

2) Assuming you are using single 3.3V supply for all (I/O and core) power pins,
we recommend one 0.1uF and one 0.01uF cap per I/O power pin and two 0.1uF and
two 0.01uF caps on each side of the chip for Vcc power pins (total 8 0.1uF and
8 0.01uF for Vcc pins). All bypass caps should be placed as close as possible
to the power pins (good board layout practice).

Vtti, Vtto, Vttio, and Vttoi are I/O power pins (3.3V).
Vcc is core power (3.3V)
Vee should be connected to GND.