AD8210: output voltage

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For AD8210, if the input is 250mV, considering the Gain is 20, then the output
should be 5V.
1. As below shown, the output is 4.9V, whether that means, the 5V is clamped to
2. If the input is 249mV, whether the output is also 4.9V?


The current sensor we have, as well as those that are offered by our
competitors are not fully rail to rail out.
That is. We specify in the specifications table that the output range of the
AD8210 over temperature is 100mV from GND and 100mV from the Supply.
So, really the input range of the part is 4.9V/20= 0.245V
The table below is just meant to explain things easily, so that customers know
which way the output will move if the input current through the shunt goes in a
certain direction.