AD8130: Will the AD8130 work with 5V single supply and gain of 2?

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I need to use the AD8130 on a single supply of 5V with gain of 2. I'm not sure
what to do with the feedback resistors. To summarise, will the AD8130 work for
5V single supply? (with a single supply, and for a gain of 2 -> Rf=Rg =


The AD8130 operates well on a single +5V supply – the +5V Specification Table
begins on page 3 of the data sheet. The frequency response plots for +/-2.5V
supplies in Figures 15 through 17 are the same as for a +5V single supply.
The important thing to remember in the +5V case is not to ground any of the
inputs, or let them get driven outside of their specified ranges. This is a
common application restriction for +5V single supply operation.
We would also direct your attention to the section “Extreme Operating
Conditions” on page 36 of the data sheet that deals with low supply operation.
The section deals with unity gain applications, and you should be aware of this
in case you change to unity gain.

Rf = Rg = 499 is a good choice for G = 2. You just need to keep things biased
such that all input and output signals stay within their specified ranges.
Getting too close to ground is the usual thing to look out for in +5V