AD8112 - Is it possible to work with 3.3V Digital Supply?

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I need more information about the digital Supply Voltage of the AD8112.
Which is the operating voltage of the digital part?
Can I use a 3.3 volt digital power supply?
If the the analog supply is +-5Volt and the digital supply is +5V, can I drive
the device with a microcontroller that working at 3.3?


The digital supply for the AD8112 is specified with -4.5V - +5V. This means you
cannot supply with 3.3V

The device works on 5V Logic.

High is specified: >=2.4V
Low is specified <0.4V

If your microcontroller is capable (and specified) to deliver a High Signal
>2.4V and a Low Signal < 0.4V it might work. - this is depending on the uC

An alternative could be a level converter like the ADG3123 (to be on the safe

You can find all level translators here: