AD8114/AD8115_EVAL software

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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one of our customers bought an EVAL board of AD8115, but the software they got
is for AD8116. When he installed the software, he can not test any output
signal from the cable, he doubt the software did not send any message out.  he
also wonders if there is any OS requirement for this software.Could you give
any suggestion or send the AD8114/5 EVAL's software to me?


The control software for the AD8115 is exactly the same as for the AD8116. The
AD8116 was the first 16 x 16 crosspoint that we developed and that is why this
label appears in the application. For all of the other 16 x 16 analog
crosspoints, we use the same serial programming method, so the same software is
for all 16 x 16 parts.
This is not the cause of the problem you see, but you guessed at what the
current problem is. The AD8116 was developed in 1997. At that time, the PC
operating system was Windows 95. This is the operating system that is required
for the software that the customer has.
We fully realize that almost no one uses Win95 anymore and we are currently
involved in upgrading this software and control. We do not have anything, yet,
but should have something later this summer. For the time being, the only way
to use our software to control these boards is to use a PC with Win95 operating
system. Of course, the customer can also provide his own control signals, but
we realize that this can be extra work.
Norte: The new control will operate via a USB connection. However, we do not
want to make totally new crosspoint board designs, so we are also developing a
small converter board that will interface between USB and the control connector
of the analog crosspoints.