AD8112_3: Are specs of the THD for the parts available at 1kHz? The datasheet only specifies THD at 20kHz

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Would it be possible to obtain the THD of the AD8112 and/or AD8113 at 1KHz?
The datasheet only specifies this at 20KHZ.


Here the answer from the Productline - the values are CALCULATED.

The THD at 20 KHz and Vout = 20 Vp-p is 0.002%, which is good.  It will be
better at 1 KHz with Vout = 1.7V.  I can calculate the THD for 20 KHz with Vout
= 20 Vp-p using just HD2 and HD3 from the plots in TPC12 of the AD8113 data
sheet, and it comes out to be about 0.002%.  The higher harmonics really don’t
contribute much (the number of harmonics is not specified, though 5 is
common).  I can similarly calculate the THD at 1 KHz with Vout = 20 Vp-p using
the same plot.  This comes out to be about 0.0015%.  It will be considerably
better with Vout = 1.7V – probably well below 0.001%.