AD8033 - Input voltage range

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Question for you:


I’m a bit confused with the Common Mode Input characteristics under Vs:+ 5V è
Datasheet page4

è FYI, Our application is +5V single supply.

The Input Common Voltage Range is specified 0 – 2 V while the Common Mode
Rejection Ration is specified for a VCM = 1 to 2.5V


The question is : VCM max 2.0V or 2.5V under Vs=5V ? Typing error somewhere?


My prototype works well with a 2.5V VCM but it is maybe too high?


Thank you to ask Analog Devices.

A quick answer is eagerly  wished.

Thank you.


There is no typing error in the data sheet.

The AD8033 is a voltage feedback rail-to-rail output amplifier with FET inputs
and a bipolar enhanced common-mode input range. The voltages specified in the
data sheets are for the FET input range and the normal operation mode which
would be the Bipolar mode.

0-2V is the FET input voltage range i.e. the voltage in the op amp enters the
JFET common mode range. And the  mentioned with the common-mode rejection ratio
is for the normal mode operation of the amplifier.

The 2.5V at the    is in the prescribed range.  Therefore, it will not create
any problem.

Please refer to the topic “Input Overdrive “ on page 16 of the AD8033 data