FAQ: How do I configure my Firewall for a Floating License

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When using a Floating License, my firewall causes communication problems between VisualDSP++ and the Licensing Tools. How can this be avoided?




There is a way to force the tools to communicate through specified ports, which is what we recommend to customers do when encountering problems due to firewalls, remembering to add the chosen port numbers to the 'exceptions' list within the firewall application.


You can find out which port numbers are being used for the floating license tools by checking the server log file, details of where the log file is saved can be found under the 'Config' tab within the license tools on the server. However, please note that these ports may change if the server is ever restarted.

To configure exactly which ports should be used by the "lmgrd" and "analogd" daemons please make the following changes to the license.dat files:

First, you should modify the SERVER line in both the client and server license.dat files from:
SERVER server-name DISK_SERIAL_NUM=12345678

SERVER server-name DISK_SERIAL_NUM=12345678 xxxxx

Where xxxxx is the port to be used for the lmgrd daemon.

Next you need to add a VENDOR line in both the client and server license.dat files:
VENDOR analogd C:\PROGRA~1\ANALOG~1\VISUAL~1\LMSERVER\analogd.exe PORT xxxx

Where xxxx is the port to be used for the analogd daemon. The VENDOR line should be placed directly after the SERVER line.

NOTE: the server must be restarted for this to take effect. You will also need to modify the license.dat file on all other client machines.

Port numbers can range from 0 - 64000. It is recommended that you choose a port number outside the 27000 through 27009 range. Also some of the lower port numbers are reserved so you should double check which ports are not currently being used before assigning a port. Going with a higher port number is recommended.



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