AD7793: ID register

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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I have just started to use your new ad7793. I succes me to read the contents
of  ID register to 0x4B.  In the data sheet page 18 of 32  is the
Identification number for ad7793 0xXB. what are X stand for.

My next guestions is about how to setup the ad7793. There are no guideline or a
flowchar which show how to use it. Can you support me with some example on how
to do it.


The X stands for the revision ID number. The last 4 bits are always fixed so
this identifies whether the silicon is the AD7792, AD7793, AD7794, AD7798 or
AD7799.  The 4 digits described as X in the datasheet vary with silicon rev. 
On the released AD7793, X equals 4 which is equivalent to the second rev of
silicon.  All released AD7793 devices will be rev 2 silicon.

We do not have code for the AD7793.  However, the procedure will be the same as
with our other ICV products

1) After power up, perform a RESET.
2) Write to the control registers on the ADC to set up the operating conditions
for the device (gain, update rate, etc)
3) With CS low, the DOUT/RDY pin will go low when a conversion is available.