FAQ: I have installed a Test Drive license. Why can't I create an "EZ-KIT Lite" session?

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Why cant you create an "EZ-KIT Lite" session with a Test Drive license?



You cannot create an EZ-KIT Lite session with a Test Drive license. A Test Drive license enables emulator debug sessions and simulator debug sessions only. When creating a session with a Test Drive license the 'EZ-KIT Lite' connection type is greyed out so you cannot select it.


To connect to an EZ-KIT Lite session you must purchase either a FULL or EZ-KIT license serial number.


All EZ-KIT Lite boards are shipped with an EZ-KIT license. The license serial number (beginning with "KIT") can be found on the CD sleeve of the VisualDSP++ software.


Details on the different license types as well as how to install them can be found on page 1-8 of the VisualDSP++ 5.0 Licensing Guide.


If you have an EZ-KIT license serial number and are having problems installing it after reviewing the Licensing Guide then please contact processor.tools.support@analog.com. Please provide a copy of your license serial number and your license.dat file when contacting Processor Tools Support. Your license.dat file is contained in the system folder of your VisualDSP++ installation, which by default is:


     [install drive]:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP\System\