AD73360L: Reference does not always power up

Document created by analog-archivist Employee on Feb 23, 2016
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We use in our application, which we develop, your AD73360L six input A/D
converter. Programming them, in some certains cases we have a problem, concrete
sometime the reference will not power up (although we set bit 5 and bit 6 in
register C), depending which registers is programmed before, and which are
after. So, maybe a problem is that I don't use correct order, sequence, for
programming AD73360L configuring its registers. I figure it out that register A
need to be programmed last. But what is with others? Is need to be some order
for others?


After reset, the device is already in program mode (bit0 in register A is 0 by
To begin the development, I would let register B untouched, so the processor
would communicate with the device at the corresponding speed.
I would then program C, D, E, F, G or H in this order and then I would set
register A in data mode.
After this process functions correctly and data can be extracted from the
device without problems, I would then change the communication speed in
register B and read the data from the converters with this new speed.
After this works correctly, I would go and immediately after reset I would
change B, and then the others.
In other words, I am trying to describe a debugging process that starts by
creating a program as simple as possible and then bringing new changes to it
until the final and fastest communication is achieved.
Note that you need to pay attention to SDOFS signal, which seems to me the key
in this process. The microprocessor has to see this signal toggling because
this is the signal that acts as a flag to the part.