AD6650: Footprint

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On the component, you have a pad where is attached the solder ball. This pad
size is very important because it is the size that we must apply on our PCB to
get a correcot solder joint. It had be shown that if the footprint on the PCB
is larger than the one of the component the solder joint will have a pear form
and there will be a risk of solder crack between the solder ball and the pad on
the component.

The scheme you are talking about shows  a pad of  0.64mm -> 25.2 mils. Please
note that in Nortel, the maximum pad for a 1 mm BGA is 20 mils. On this scheme,
are you talking about the pads of your component or the PCB footprint you are
recommending. There is not enough information on this page to know what it is


The pads on the AD6650 package are defined by the solder mask opening (the
solder mask opening is smaller than the actual pad) – so the size of the solder
mask opening  is 430 microns or ~0.017 inches.